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Established in 1998 , we, "Technomond Steel Industries" an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of Stainless Steel Product

Bulk Milk Cooler of 5000 Lt

Bulk Milk Cooler of 5000 Lt

Established in 1998 , we, "Technomond Steel Industries" an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of Stainless Steel Product like Fuel storage tank, Water storage tank, Milk storage tank, Water tanker, Water ATM machine, Canes, Bulk Milk Cooler, Mixing tanks, Heating tanks, Dump tank, RO water cooler, Pasteurizer, Cream separator, Paneer making machine, Paneer pressing system, Paneer hoops, Paneer coagulation vat, etc that are well fabricated with precision and dedication to deliver the best to our clients.

Technomond Steel Industries, started its business in the year 1998 to facilitate safe storage & processing of Milk, Milk Products and Water with a customized range of Storage Tanks. We are a specialized Manufacturer of a technologically advanced range of milk & milk product processing equipment like Milk Storage Cans, Milk Pasteurizer, Khoya Making Machine etc.

S.No. Description Technical Details
1. Rated/Gross Capacity 5300 liters
2. Make Arumand Steel Industries
3. Material used construction SS 304
4. Shape & Orientation Horizontal cylinder, close type with top manhole
5. Thickness of inner Shell (min.) 2.0 mm
6. Thickness Of Outer Shell (min.) 1.5 mm
7. No. Of Agitator Two
8. RPM Of Agitator 30
9. CIP Facility Cleaning in place with self rotating spray ball ( Optional Automatic CIP unit offered )
10. Type of insulation By injection – CFC Free High density PUF, 40 kg/cu.m
11. Thickness of insulation 100 mm (minimum) in the walls and 90 mm above the evaporator
12. Insulation Efficiency At 50deg.C ambient, the rate of rise of mean temperature of milk initially at 4deg.C shall not exceed 1deg.C in 4 hours when rated volume is allowed to standstill as per requirement of ISO 5708 2A(II)
13. Facility of measure the milk volume SS calibrated dip stick along with value table



1. Make of compressor Emerson
2. Size of compressor @ 0 deg C Evap & 50 Deg. Cond temp 4.2 hp (5 Ton)
3. Number of compressor Three
4. Cooling capacity of compressor (kcal/hr) at 0 deg. Evap & 50 Deg. Cond temperatures 3 X 8088
5. Size of condensers Size of condensers 41 X 24 X 4
6. Number of condensers Three
7. Number of fans Three
8. Receiver Size 6” dia
9. Receiver capacity 08 liters
10. Thermostatic Exp. Valve make/size/capacity Danfoss
11. Type of refrigerant R22/R-404



1. Ambient temperature considered for design 38 deg C (safe operating Temperature 43 Deg C)
2. Maximum cooling time considered for all & 2nd Milking All milking 4 – 5 hrs & 2nd Milking 2 - 2.5 hrs. from 10-4 deg C
3. Temperature range considered for All & 2nd Milking From 35 deg. C to 4 deg. C for all milking



1. Connected load Watts/Amps
2. Compressor 3X(3720 W/7.2 amps)
3. Condenser Fan 3X (180 W/0.85 amps)
4. Agitator 70 W/0.35 amps
5. Lock Rotor amps 44 amps

Bulk Milk Cooler of 5000 Ltr

We offer closed type bulk milk coolers ensuring the better performance. We are leading in the manufacturing and delivering the best quality coolers that have durability and best performance. Our Bulk Milk Cooler of 5000 Ltr are made from the high quality stainless steel that are easy to maintain and use. Our uniquely designed coolers are in high demand in the industry and are installed in the dairy farms.

Bulk Milk Cooler of 5000 Ltr Suppliers

We offer a range of Milk Cooling Tank which is also known as Bulk Milk Coolers. Owing to the rich industrial experience, we are leading manufacturer of Bulk Milk Coolers. Bulk Milk Cooler of 5000 Ltr Suppliers are direct expansion type, range 300 litres to 5000 litres. These milk cooling tanks are for installing at village Dairy Cooperative Society which collects the milk everyday in the morning and evening from milk producers. The Milk collected shall be stored in the bulk milk cooler and cooled from the ambient Temperature to 4 degree centigrade within 3 hours.

Bulk Milk Cooler of 5000 Ltr Manufacturers

Technomond Steel Industries is largest Commercial Dairy Equipment and Bulk Milk Cooler of 5000 Ltr Manufacturers in India. Rapid and efficient milk cooling is essential for preserving milk quality. Milk leaves the udder at approximately 35°C and the heat in fresh milk must be quickly removed. Milk retains a natural resistance to bacteria immediately after extraction, but only rapid cooling to a storage temperature of around 4°C to 6°C, prevents or minimizes further micro-organism growth.

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